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Vorsteiner V-MC Aero Active Wing Blade 2x2 Carbon Fiber Glossy for McLaren 12C


To balance front and rear aerodynamics of the vehicle, Vorsteiner have the active rear wing. The active wing is designed in a way that it can be adjusted within the cockpit at 32 degrees for enhanced downforce, and during heavy braking the wing will stand at 69 degrees acting as an air brake. The active wing was hand sculpted featuring a distinctive bowed base and sleek extended blades designed for the graceful the McLaren profile.

Vorsteiner products are made on order. Please allow 10 days prior to shipment.


  • Autoclaved Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber structure
  • Aerospace Strength & Durability
  • 2x2 Carbon Fiber Weave


  • Mclaren 12C 12-14


  • All Vorsteiner carbon aero programs are TUV certified. Each TUV certified product goes through technial rigorous testing to ensure that it adheres to the highest ECE regulations.