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BMW M3 (F80) ECU Tune


Achieve maximum power gains and driveability without sacrificing reliability.


Stage 1: +75WHP and +100WTQ

Stage 2 (Tune + Catless Downpipes): +90WHP and +100WTQ

How it works:

The handheld will read your OEM file through a connection via the OBD-II port.
Load MyGenius software on your computer and connect handheld device.

Load OEM file onto your computer and email file along with our ECU Tune guide to 1K Motorsports.
Once the file is received, we will rewrite you a custom tuned file within 24-48 hours.

The tuned file will be sent back to you. You then will be able to upload it onto your handheld device, then onto the vehicle
Flash back to the OEM file at your convenience directly from you handheld device!



Once connected, the handheld unit is married to your vehicle. This means you will only be allowed to use it on this vehicle only.

Please make sure you have access to a Windows / PC computer to upload and exchange file information.
Please make sure you review, complete and email in our ECU Tuning Guide. This guide is to help us provide you with the most optimized tune for your vehicle’s specifications and modifications.
Power gains may vary depending on other modifications done to the vehicle.