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1K Motorsports Special Power Package for McLaren 720S


Our 720S Power Package is the Ultimate Performance Suite for any performance enthusiast looking to maximize the potential of their 720S without compromising reliability and without modifying the stock turbos.

MC1000 Package Equipped McLaren 720S 1/4 Mile: 8.94 sec.

Stock McLaren 720S 1/4 Mile: 9.76 sec.

MC1000 Package Equipped McLaren 720S 0-60mph: 1.85 sec.

Stock McLaren 720S 0-60mph: 2.7 sec.

The Power Package Contains:

1K Motorsports ECU Tune

RYFT Catback X Pipe Exhaust

RYFT Cat-Bypass Downpipes

BMC F1 Air Filters

Stock Power: 710 HP and 568 LB-FT Torque @ Crank

MC1000 Package Power: 1001 HP and 865 LB-FT Torque @ Crank

For a total power gain of 200WHP+ and 180+ lb-ft WTQ!