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McLaren 570S ECU Tune


There is a massive amount of power waiting to be unlocked that McLaren has hidden from you. The 570S responds incredibly well to a tune and rewards you by taking the performance to a whole new level. Our tune brings the turbos to life with a vengeance, the car reaches boost immediately and pulls hard and consistently throughout the power band. The response and power delivery is outstanding, this is a true driving machine. A fully tuned and equipped 570S should make stock 720S owners nervous!


    Stage 1 (Stock Hardware)

    • +80WHP and +110 ft-lbs WTQ

    Stage 2 (with RYFT Downpipes)

    • Stock = 518 whp / 431 ft-lbs
    • Tuned = 664 whp / 601 ft-lbs
    • Maximum gains of +146 WHP and +170 ft-lbs WTQ!